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Body Dynamics is a fitness and rehabilitation studio offering a unique blend of Pilates, Personal Training, Physical Therapy, Fitness classes, Massage and Nutritional Counseling. Our "custom home" environment creates a comfortable, non-competitive atmosphere. Our highly skilled staff will work with you to meet your specific goals.
Pilates is a safe, proven method of exercise that is effective for all ages and abilities. Pilates is comprised of unique full-body movements which promote muscle balance, flexibility, strength, spinal mobility, improved posture, coordination and overall body awareness. In the Pilatesdiscipline, emphasis is put on correct form, breathing, posture and movement precision. The Pilates philosophy focuses on training the mind & body to work together toward the goal of overall fitness. The many benefits of Pilates make the program desirable to a wide variety of clientele ranging from those recovering from injuries to athletes seeking muscle balance and cross training.
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