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Back Care

Diagnostic Ultrasound:

Body Dynamics is excited to offer this unique, state-of-the-art service.  One of our experienced physical therapists will evalutate the strength and function of your deep core musculature.  The ultrasound is also used as a biofeedback tool, helping you to learn to fire your core muscles correctly.  We have found this tool to be most useful for those with chronic neck and back pain.

We all have a deep system of muscles around our spines that provide stability when we move and maintain our posture.  For many people, an episode of pain or some type of injury can cause this deep system of muscles to stop working properly.  A viscous cycle of pain and poor muscle function ensues despite many attempts to rehabilitate.

Recent studies found those individuals that learn how to use their deep core muscles using diagnostic ultrasound have significantly less back pain reoccurrence.

The diagnostic ultrasound is an innovative tool used to teach you how to control the deep core muscles.  Then you can learn correct exercises for your specific spinal problem and be on your way to a pain-free lifestyle.

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